Subscription Marketing

Subscription Marketing

What do marketers need to change when businesses shift to a subscription model? How can marketers increase their revenue impact and add value to the business, beyond simply generating more leads and hoping for the best?

In the subscription economy, marketing needs to adopt a new set of practices: customer value nurturing.  Because you’re just getting started when someone becomes a subscriber.

Whether you’re marketing a membership program, a complex managed services offering, or a cloud-based solution, Subscription Marketing offers creative marketing strategies for nurturing customers long after the initial sale.

Marketing in the Subscription Economy

Industrial chemicals? Business software? Socks and razor blades? You name it, there’s a subscription for it. Everybody’s part of the subscription economy.

Most marketing organizations focus on lead generation and conversion. In a subscription-based business, your success depends on sustaining a long-term relationship with the customer. Subscription marketing is about nurturing value long after the initial sale.

Subscription Marketing puts this shift in context. It draws on examples from businesses large and small, across industries.

  • Understand the marketing shift As revenue streams shift to recurring models, marketing organizations need to rethink their “top of funnel” focus.
  • Choose strategies for nurturing value Explore a wide range of ideas for nurturing value in your customers, from helping them find early success to aligning with their deeper beliefs and values.
  • Build the business case for change Create and defend your plan for value nurturing in your business.

What People Are Saying

“Anne’s terrific new book is an excellent primer to help your business take advantage of the subscription economy, while navigating around potential potholes. And as a bonus: It’s clear, straightforward, and refreshingly jargon-free!”

Ann Handley

Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs, and author of the WSJ best seller, Everybody Writes

“Keeping an existing customer is much more profitable than selling a new one, especially in a subscription business. Today’s real-time communications environment makes a subscription model incredibly lucrative for those who know how to navigate the new rules—just ask the likes of Google, Netflix, and Anne Janzer shows you how to implement value nurturing of existing and potential clients that will drive your success in this new world.”

— David Meerman Scott
Best-selling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

“Filled with great examples across industries, this book is a well-written and easy ‘must-read’ on why and how to add value for both subscriptions and non-subscription-based services alike.”

— Kathy Klotz-Guest

Marketing storyteller, improviser, and founder, Keeping it Human, Inc.

“Although there is no ‘holy grail’ measurement for content marketing, there is one that sits atop the rest—the subscriber. Read Anne’s book and you’ll have everything you need to create and execute a subscription strategy that works.”

Joe Pulizzi

Founder, Content Marketing Institute, and
author, Epic Content Marketing

Book Reviews

Comments and reviews from readers of Subscription Marketing.

“If your business uses a subscription business model, you’ll want to read this book.”

Douglas Burdett. See more at The Marketing Book Podcast.

“Anne Janzer’s Subscription Marketing already shows signs of becoming one of 2015′s most important content marketing books.”

Roger C. Parker. See more at Published and Profitable.

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About Anne Janzer

About Anne Janzer

Anne Janzer is a professional writer who has worked with more than a hundred technology companies. She is author of the books Subscription Marketing and The Writer’s Process: Getting Your Brain in Gear.

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